Our Products


Using the latest in CNC wire forming technology, our high quality products are custom produced to the specific needs and designs of our customers. They include:


  • Compression springs
  • Tension springs
  • Torsion springs
  • Double torsion springs
  • Strip springs
  • Wave springs
  • Wire forms
  • Frames


Our products are often required to operate under high tolerances or safety critical environments. The materials we use, and post-production treatments we are able to provide ensure that this is possible.


Finishing: We are NADCAP approved for Heat Treating, and offer a responsive and competitively priced Heat Treating service for other component manufacturers. Please contact us for more information.


We also offer any number of other finishing treatments, such as plating, flaw detection, passivation etc. 


Materials: Our products are manufactured from a wide range of materials. These range from stainless & spring steel to Inconel, Nimonic, Monel, Nispan, Copper and Brass, amongst others.


Design: We offer a bespoke design service, and work in partnership with customers to achieve required specifications whenever required. 


Quality Inspection: Our highly trained Inspectors have over 30 years' of spring inspection experience. Using the latest in spring inspection technology, the team ensures that our parts meet the strictest of criteria, and perform in the most challenging environments.